2019 Dish It Out Rental Prices

Dinner Package: $4.50 per guest

Package Includes; Gold Charger, Dinner Plate, Water Goblet, Dinner Fork, Dinner Knife

Dessert Package: $2.50 per guest

Package Includes; Dessert Plate, Champagne Flute/Coupe, Dessert Fork, 2 Cake Stands

A la Carte’ Pricing:

Dinner Plate: $1.50

Salad Plate: $1.25

Dessert Plate: $1.00

Colored Goblets: $2.00

Clear Goblets: $1.50

Champagne Flute/Coupes: .80

Coffe Cups: .85

Teacup and Saucer: $2.00

Gold Flatware: .70 per piece

Glass Chargers: $3.00

Gold Chargers: Free with plate rentals or .50

Teapots: $3.50

All rentals are subject to tax. Please contact Dish It Out for delivery charges and all other prices not listed.