It's a Boston Tea Party!

I love a tea party, I love Halloween, and I love a clever play on words.  So, just imagine my thrill when I had the chance to put all of those things together!

When I heard our neighborhood was hosting a Halloween pet costume contest I jumped at the chance to enter my dog, Lincoln.  Lincoln is our family's rescued Boston Terrier.  As with most Boston Terriers he has a quirky personality, but we love him to pieces!

As I thought about what costume would best suit Lincoln's personality a few ideas came to mind. I wasn't set on any of my original ideas and I knew I wanted a home made costume and something totally unique.  Then the idea came to me!  Tea party, Boston Terrier, Boston Tea Party!  Perfection!  

My husband said he could easily make a tea table to attach to Lincoln's back.  We decorated the table with cute fabric and a plastic children's tea set.  It turned out super cute!

Lincoln looked quite dapper in his bow tie wearing his costume.  He was a hit at the costume contest!  Lincoln typically balks at getting his picture taken, but he posed nicely that day for one good shot.

It's always tea party time.

Dishing It Out......