Donut Wall Dream

Donuts are trending at weddings, bridal showers, and at other events.  Why wouldn't these little round wonders be trending?  Donuts are pretty darn tasty and loved by both kids and adults.  Donuts are awesome just on their own, but imagine a wall covered in them...  That is out of this world amazing!  Whether it's a sprinkled, powdered, or a glazed donut if you hang it on a wall surrounded by other donuts your guests are going to go crazy!

I've been wanting to add a donut wall to my rental inventory for awhile now.  I love everything about them!  I've perused Pinterest for weeks getting ideas and thinking of ways to make my wall a little more unique and different from others I've seen.

I found my perfect donut wall at a little junk store I frequent often.  It was the perfect size and I liked that it could easily be used vertically and horizontally.  Now that I had the wall I just needed something for the donuts to hang on.  I bounced around a few ideas and tested one I really liked.  I was a bit discouraged that the donut would not fit on the knobs I hoped to use, but I wasn't about to just give up!  Where there's a donut there's a way and I had two dozen of them ready to be on a wall!

The garbage can was full and as usual I was the one to empty it and walk the trash into the garage.  Every time I walk into the garage I stop to admire my plates which usually leads to trying out new place settings etc...  This day was no different!  I was moving plates around and noticed a bag of wine corks that I'd been collecting for not yet known projects.  That is when it hit me! The hole of a donut fits perfectly on a wine cork.  I loved the idea of using wine corks to hang the donuts on.  It would give the wall lots of character.

My dear husband, bless him was so wonderful at executing my plans.  He measured everything out and drew up the plans.  He had the perfect idea on how to screw the wine corks onto the board in a way that the cork can easily be removed and replaced.  So great!  It did not take him long to get 48 corks on the wall ready for their donuts.

I am going to be swooning for awhile over this incredible donut wall.  It's what donut dreams are made of....

Dishing It Out....